Jewish Festivals


Here are the festivals which are covered in the lectures:

ShabbatShabbat is a songfully joyous festival, and it comes around 52 times a year!
HanukkahTake a quiz and come to the lecture for the answers. Also - a bonus quiz for Internet addicts!
Tu BishvatTwo pages:  1) The "tree of life"  2) The festival of Tu Bishvat
Purim:Eat, drink and be merry!
PesachWhat is the significance of the kid in this kids' song?
ShavuotThe songs reflect the many faces of this festival: revelation, sacred marriage, harvest  festivities - and cheese cake!

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Here is a list of sites containing information about Jewish festivals, arranged according to alphabetical order. All denominations are included. Suggestions regarding additional sites are welcome. Sites in Hebrew are here.

Aish Hatorah



Eliezer Segal. Around the Calendar

Hanefesh. National Assembly of Jewish Students

Jacob Richman's Hotsites

JAFI – Jewish Agency for Israel. Dept. for Jewish Zionist Education

JDC. Joint Distribution Committee

Jewish Heritage Online Magazine

Jewish Life. United Jewish Communities

Jewish Virtual Library

Judaism 101

Midrash Ben Ish Hai 

My Jewish Learning

Ohr Samayach

Orthodox Union

The Jewish Magazine

Union of Reform Judaism

United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

Virtual Beit Midrash

Virtual Jerusalem



 Hebrew:  מעגל השנה