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Additional Resources: See Song Collections. For online articles and recommended books, see "Jewish Musical Heritage - Links and References".  (All lists are arranged alphabetically). 

 Comprehensive Jewish Music Sites

Chazzanut Online - Jewish Liturgical Music

Song Sites - Lyrics and Sheet Music

Chansons Yiddish
Elabrek - Collection of blogs and websites with Yiddish lyrics
Freedman Jewish Music Archive Catalog
Gerard Edery's Ladino Song Project
Invitation to Piyut
Jewish Art Music, from the Jewish Theological Seminary Library 
Judeo-Spanish Ballads from New York
Library of Congress - Digital sheet music
The Milken Archive
Menke Katz's Song Book
Pan-Hispanic Ballad Project
Sephardic Folk Lyrics
Shoshana Dominsky (transliteration in Hebrew letters)
Tapuz Forum list of Yiddish songs (transliteration in Hebrew letters)
Trezoro de Kantes - אוצר השירים - Machon Ma'aleh Adumim. (Collection containing about 3000 songs, including field recordings and translations into Hebrew)

♦ My personal list of Song Collections

Listening to Jewish Music - Jewish Music and Song
Dartmouth Jewish Sound Archive
Invitation to Piyut
Jewish radio shows and podcasts - Annotated list on "Klezmershack"
Judaica Sound Archives (Recorded Sound Archives - Florida Atlantic University)
Online Heritage (Jerusalem National University Library – The National Sound Archives)
Save the Music

אוצר הזמר העברי [Treasury of Hebrew Song] - Site of songs held in the IBA [Israel Broadcasting Authority] archives, including songs in Yiddish, Ladino and other Jewish ethnic languages
זמרשת [Zemereshet] - Early Hebrew songs 
לילות טובים - Internet radio with comments in Hebrew

Blogs and Personal Sites

A good resource for blogs to is "Teruah" (see below). Here are a few of my favourites:
Candles of Song: Yiddish poems about mothers
Dumneazu - Bob Cohen  
Eshkol HaKofer - History, culture, and religious significance of Henna art
Jewish Morocco - Rare music, travel, and other thoughts on Jewish Morocco
Shirim Khadashim: New Jewish Songs - George Robinson
Jane Peppler has several blogs, the most recent of which is Polish Jewish Cabaret and Yiddish Penny Songs.
Teruah - Jewish Music Blog
Yiddish Song of the Week
YIVO Sound Archives


Israel Music Heritage Project: A People and its Music [films freely accessible from the Spielberg Virtual Cinema]
Sephardics and Sephardic Songs - two videos focusing on Turkish informants
From Toledo to Jerusalem - Video of Sephardic history and song, by Yehoram Gaon (Hebrew subtitles)

Purchasing Jewish Music

Hatikvah Music
Jewish Music UK
Mostly Music
Sheet Music Plus
URJ Books and Music
Yiddish Voice Store

Jewish Culture

AHEYM: The Archives of Historical and Ethnographic Yiddish Memories
     * Videos on Youtube of the Yiddish-language interviews associated with the AHEYM project
All about Jewish Theater
American Sephardi Federation
Folk literature of the Sephardic Jews
Jewish community of Rhodes
Jewish Heritage Online Magazine
Jewish Heritage Travel Blog
Jewish Festival Sites
Kolot – Center for Jewish Women and Gender Studies
Ladino - Lengua y Cultura
Manger, Itsik - Di Verk
Ottoman-Turkish Sephardic Culture Research Center
Ritualwell. Ceremonies for Jewish Living 
Sephardic Horizons (Free online journal)
Sephardic Studies Digital Library and Museum
Yiddish Dance
Yiddish Lives - Preserving life stories told in Yiddish
Yiddish poetry, song, living memory
The Yiddish Voice 
2nd Avenue Online (Yiddish Theater)

 Hebrew:  קישורים