Melave malke

[Accompanying the Queen]

Also known as "Brider, Zog" [Tell me, brother]

See lecture: Kings and Queens

By Sholem Berenshteyn, ascribed to R. Levi Yitzhok Berditshever


O, bruder, zog, vi heyst der tog, Tell me, brother, what is the day called
Vos mir ale zaynen freylekh? when we're all joyous?
Der yidele, der kleyner, When the little Jew,
Der kosherer, der sheyner - pious and nice,
Iz dokh dan a meylekh! feels like a king!
Shabes aleyn kumt tsu geyn, When Shabbat itself comes
Freyt aykh kinder ale! everybody should be happy!
Oy, tantst, kinder, Dance, children,
Yederer bazunder each and every person,
Lekoved der heyliker kale! in honor of the holy bride!
Dos iz klor, vi a hor, It's as obvious as a hair
Az shabes iz di kale; that Shabbat is the bride;
Der khosn der sheyner, The handsome groom
Iz nit keyner, is no other
Nor mir yidn ale! than all of us Jewish people.
Ver es lakht un khoyzek makht Whoever laughs and mocks
Fun di kale-khosn, at the bride and groom,
Yener vet take will surely  
Esn a make eat nothing
Fun der sude livyosn ... at the Leviathan feast.