El diya de Purim

 [The Day of Purim *]

 [See lecture: Purim]

Mordechai manda i dize Mordechai's proclomation 
Aloz duidyoz ke se avize To all the Jews
En Adar datodze i kindze Is that the 14th and 15th of Adar
Ke es diya de Purim. Is the time to celebrate Purim.
     Biva yo, biva il Re,      Long life to me, long live the King
     Bivan todos Yisrael      Long live all of Israel,
     Biva la Rena Ester      Long live Queen Esther
     Ke moz dyo tanto plazer.      Who gave us so much pleasure.
Il Aman mamzer segundo  Haman was one of many persecutors 
Asitenga negro mundo May he be cursed 
Kijo cebar djidyos al fundo  He wanted to do away with the Jews 
En los diyas de Purim.  In the days of Purim. 
Yama todoz los chikitikos  Call all the little ones 
Balsas yenas de bombonikos  The bags are full of candy 
Ke si merken los djugetikos  They should buy little toys 
Don los denaros de Purim.  With their Purim money. 
Kon la asukri i la farina  With sugar and flour 
Ya muz vyene la Madrina  The Godmother is coming to us, 
Para fazer la halva fina  To make fine halva 
Para l'diya de Purim.  For the day of Purim. 
Al Rubi de loz muchachikos  To the Rabbi of the little boys 
Dalde tantos regalikos  Give him many presents, 
Akel ke puede dukadikos   If you can afford it, give him gold pieces
Ke ansi ez el dever.  For that is the custom. 



* This song, taken from the disk "Memories of Sarajevo" by Flory Jagoda, is in the Yugoslav Ladino dialect.