Amol iz geven a mayse

[Once upon a time there was a story] 

[See lecture: Kings and Queens

Amol iz geven a mayse, Once upon a time there was a story,
Di mayse iz gornit freylekh, The story is not happy,
Di mayse heybt zikh onet The story began
Mit a yidishn meylekh. With a Jewish king.
     Lyulinke mayn feygele,      Hush, my little bird,
     Lyulinke mayn kind,      Hush, my child,
     Kh'hob ongevoyrn aza libe,      I have lost such a love,
     Vey iz mir un vind.      Oh, woe is me.
Der meylekh hot gehat a malke, The king had a queen,
Di malke hot gehat a vayngortn, The queen had a vineyard,
In vayngortn iz geven a beymele, In the vineyard was a tree,
Lyulinke, mayn kind. Hush, my child.
Dos beymele hot gehat a tsvaygele, The tree had a branch,
Oyfn tsvaygele iz geven a nestele, On the branch was a nest.
In nestele hot gelebt a feygele, In the nest lived a bird,
Lyulinke, mayn kind. Hush, my child.
     Lyulinke, mayn feygele ...      Hush, my little bird ... 
Der meylekh iz opgeshtorbn,The king died, 
Di malke iz gevorn fardorbn, The queen became desolate,
Dos tsvaygele iz opgebrokhn, The branch broke,
Dos feygele fun nest antlofn. The bird flew away from the nest.
Vu nemt men aza khokhem Where can one find a wise person
Er zol kenen di shtern tseyln? That can count the stars?
Vu nemt men aza dokter, Where can one get a doctor
Er zol kenen mayn harts heyln? Who can heal my heart?
     Lyulinke, mayn feygele ...       Hush, my little bird ... 

Source:  Vinkoventzky, A., Kovner, A. & Leichter, S. Anthology of Yiddish Folksongs. Volume I. Magnes Press, Jerusalem, 1989. P.118.