A gut yontev yidn


[A happy festival, fellow Jews]

Text - Y. Kaminsky; Music - M. Gelbart

[See lecture: Purim] 

A gut yontev yidn! Happy holiday, friends!
A gut purim zog ikh, I wish you a happy Purim,
A gut yontev mentshn, Happy holiday, everyone,
Shalekhmones trog ikh. I'm bringing Purim gifts.
          Mondelekh un tortn,           Poppy seed cookies and cakes
          Flodn, homentashen,           Fruit pastries, hamentashen,
          Far yingelekh, tsu esn           For little boys to eat,
          Far meydelekh tsu nashn.           For little girls to nibble.
          Purim iz mir freylekh,           On Purim I'm happy,
          Purim iz mir gut.           Purim is good,
          Lomir ale tantsn,           Let's all dance,
          A sho mit a minut.           An hour and a minute.
Homen iz a roshe  Haman is wicked 
 Yidn vil er teytn, He wants to kill Jews, 
 Veln mir im hengen, We will hang him, 
 Shmidn im in keytn. Tie him in chains. 
          Un mit zayn mapole            And with his downfall 
          Veln mir zikh freyen            We will rejoice, 
          Homentashn esn            We'll eat hamentashn 
          Un dem grager dreyen.            And turn the noise-makers
          Purim iz mir freylekh            Purim makes me happy 
          Purim iz mir gut            Purim is good 
          Lomir ale tantsn            Let's all dance 
          A sho mit a minut.            An hour and a minute.