Shvues, libe kinderlekh

[Shavuot, dear children]

by Sh. Frug and J. Engel

[See Shavuot lecture]

Shvues, libe kinderlekh,Shavuot, dear children,
Shvues iz gekumen,Shavuot has come,
Baflokhtn mit girlyandes grinsEntwined in green garlands,
Bakranst mit frishe blumen.Crowned with fresh flowers.
S'geyt zumer-leb, es shaynt un klingtSummer awakens, shining, ringing, 
In vald, in feld, in gortn,In forests, fields and gardens,
S'flien, flien feygelekhBirds fly
Un zingen shire dortn.And sing songs there.
Der liber griner yontev geyt -Beloved, green festival -
Zman matan toyroseynu!When our Torah was given to us!