Purim lid

 [Purim song]

 [See lecture: Purim]

          Shoyshanas Yaakov *           Rose of Jacob
          Tsahala vesamekha           Rejoicing and happy
          Biroysam yakhad           When they saw, together,
          Tekheles Mordekhay           The blue robes of Mordechai.
Haman hot gevolt di yidn umbrengen Haman wanted to kill the Jews 
Hot men im geton aleyn oyfhengen He himself was hanged,
Er iz geven a groyse tsore There were great troubles 
Haman iz gevorn di kapore! But Haman was the victim! 
          Shoysahans Yaakov ...           Rose of Jacob ... 
Far amolike yesurim Because of the sufferings in the past
Hobn mir haynt dem yontev purim We celebrate Purim today 
Mir frayen in mit a groyse rash With rejoicing and lots of noise 
Mir vet farbaysn mit a homentash! Eating hamentash for dessert!
          Shoyshanas Yaakov ...           Rose of  Jacob ...


*  Yiddish pronunciation of the piyut we say after reading the Megillah.