Der eybershter iz der mekhutn (Mazl tov)

The Almighty is the Bride's Father

[See lecture Shavuot]

Der eybershter iz der mekhutn,

Di toyre iz di kale,

Moyshe Rabeynu iz der shadkhn geven.

Der oremer Yisrolik

Iz der khosn der fayner,

Oyf dem heylikn barg Sinay

Zaynen di tnoim geven.


     Es flien yidelekh

     Un zingen lidelekh,

     Yederer shrayt bazunder,

     Khosns tsad, kales tsad:

     Mazl tov! Mazl tov! Mazl tov!

     Khosns tsad, kales tsad:

     Mazl tov! Mazl tov!


A kale a reyne,

Zi iz tayer un sheyn,

Orntlekh un fayn,

Zi iz beser fun alts;

Perl bay ir shit zikh funem moyl,

A gilderne keyt trogt zi oyfn haldz.


     Es flien yidelekh …


Dek op dayn dektukh,

Du tayere kale!

Bavayz undz dayn ponem,

Mir viln dikh zen;

Zet nor, ir yidn,

Un kukt oyf ir ale,

Dos iz di emune,

Di kale geven.


     Es flien yidelekh …

The Almighty is the bride's father,

The Torah is the bride,

Moses, our teacher, was the matchmaker.

Poor little Israel

was the fine groom,

The engagement contract was announced

on the holy Mount Sinai.


     Jews are running around

     and singing little songs,

     Each and everyone shouts out

     on the groom's side and the bride's side:

     Mazal tov! Mazal tov!

     The groom's side and the bride's side:



A chaste bride,

She is dear and beautiful,

honourable and fine,

She surpasses everything.

Pearls drip from her mouth,

She wears a golden chain around her neck.


     Jews run around …


Lift up your veil,

dear bride!

Reveal your face,

We want to see you;

Just look, Jews,

and gaze at her, everyone,

The bride has become

our faith.


     Jews run around …