Zing shtil

[Sing Softly]

by Wolf Younin (lyrics) and Sholom Secunda (music)

See: Mothers and Fathers

S'hot mir mayn tate nokh kindvayz gezogt,My father told me when I was a child
Gut iz tsu oyfshteyn baginen;that it's good to rise at dawn,
Un ver nor a harts un an oyer farmogt,For whoever has a heart and an ear
Der vet shoyn a nign gefinen.can surely find a melody.
     Ref:  Zing shtil, gor shtil,     Ref:  Shing softly, very softly,
     Az keyner khutz undz zol nit hern;     So that no-one but us can hear;
     Un zol undz farvign der hartsiker nign     And may the lovely melody rock us
     Biz ayndrimlen veln di shtern.     Till the stars fall asleep. 
Ikh hob mayn tatn dem klugn gefolgtI obeyed my clever father
Un zayne verter banumen;and followed his words;
Ikh hob oyf di felder baym feygshn folkIn the fields among the birds
Dem nign dem shenstn gefunen.I found the most beautiful melody.
Tifer in velder iz tifer der sod,Deep in the woods is the deep secret
Vos nor di shtilkeyt kon haltn;That only the silence can hold.
Kh'hob moyre tsu zogn - nor efsher hot gotI'm afraid to tell - perhaps God
Dortn zayn nign bahaltn.has hidden his melody there.

Source:  Mlotek, E. & J. Pearls of Yiddish Song, p.182.