Ver hot aza yingele?


[Who's got such a little boy?]

Original version - Ver hot aza meydele? [Who's got such a little girl?] - by Janet Fleishman

[See lecture: Mother and Fathers]

Funem himl tsugeshikt From heaven I've been sent 
A matone mir, a present,
Mit an oytser mikh baglikt With a treasure I've been blessed 
Hot got on a shir, boundlessly by God,
Lihtik vert far mir mayn velt, My world has become bright,
Nit fun zunenshayn, and not from sunlight,
Krigt men den far oytsres gelt Can money buy
A yingele vi mayn? a little boy like mine?
     Ver hot aza yingele,      Who's got such a little boy, 
     A malekhl a kleyns?      such a little angel?
     Oygn vi tsvey shterndlekh,      Eyes like two stars,
     A neshomele a reyns.      A pure little soul. 
     Liber got, ikh bet bay dir,      Dear God, I beg of you,
     Shits un hit im op far mir.      Save and protect him for me.
     Vakh iber mayn yingele,      Watch over my little boy,
     A yingele a kleyns!      My little boy! 

From Mlotek, E. & J. - "Pearls of Yiddish Song"