Vayl ikh bin a tsvayg

[Because I am a branch]

by Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman

[See lectures: The Golden Peacock; Tree of Life

Loz mir mayn kholem, shenk mir di ru,Leave me alone, my dream, send me rest, 
Loz nor der vint farvign mayn sho,Let the wind cradle me,
Vayl ikh bin aleyn, an aleyniker tsvayg,Because I am alone, a lonesome branch,
Der boym hot farloyrn zayn vortsl un shvayg.The tree has lost its root and is silent.
Un mir vilt zikh fort aroyf oyfn boym,And it wants to make me go up in the the tree
Tsegrinen di bleter, tsetreyslen di kroyn,To make the leaves green, to tussle its crown,
Un mir glust zikh davke vi a foygl tsum nestWhile I wish to fly to where I came from, just as
Tsu flien tsum shtam, zayn im a treyst.a bird flies to its nest, and to console it.
Un vi a foygl kh'volt flien het hoykhAnd like a bird I wish to fly far and high,
Tselozn mayn kol s'zol, di khmares adurkh.My voice will be released, through the clouds,
Un vi di pave fun altn lidAnd like the peacock of the old song
Kh'vel zukhn di gildene feder vos flit.I will look for the golden feather which has flown.
Un plutsem derzeh ikh, tsi trakht zikh mir oys,And suddenly I see, or do I imagine,
Se kumen on feygl un makht es vays,Birds coming and making it white,
Vi groys di flater mit poyk un trometHow great is the ceremony, with drums and trumpets,
Tsegrinen di bleter af simkhe af freyd.The leaves are green with joy and mirth.
To loz mir mayn kholem, s'iz haynt mayn vor,So leave me my dream, it is now my truth,
Loz mir mayn shvign, der letstn fun dor,Let me, the last of my generation, be silent,
Vayl ikh bin a tsvayg fun an altn boym,Because I am a branch of an old tree,
Un ikh vil se zol krign un tsitern mayn kol.And I want my voice to be accepted and to resonate.