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Sources of the Songs on this Website

In line with the general aim of this website - a resource for couch potatoes  - I've tried to include lyrics to all the songs mentioned in the lectures that are not readily available in online data bases. Note that many of the data bases are fed by amateur contributors, and so must be referred to with caution. As to authenticity and reliability, the sources of genuine folksongs are generally elusive, and the words will probably vary from region to region. I deal with this subject in the first lecture - here are a couple of amusing anecdotes!

I myself have no pretensions to be a reliable resource regarding text accuracy - on the contrary! For information regarding the sources of Jewish songs, their development and collection, see the Heritage page, especially articles dealing with Sephardic music and Yiddish music. I have copied the lyrics to the songs on this site from a variety of songbooks at my disposal, listed below. I have also copied songs from disks, some of which are more reliable than others. Regarding translations: I have endeavoured to acknowledge poetic, singable versions of songs; otherwise, I have consulted native speakers and used dictionaries to understand and translate the lyrics. If you come across any errors, I would be grateful to hear from you.

Recommended Song Books

Here is a very partial and personal selection of the songbooks I refer to. For a more comprehensive selection, see the Jewish Music Web Center (for starters ...!)


[Alphabetical order]

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[Combined Index of the three Mlotek songbooks above] 
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[Alphabetical order]

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