Sholem Aleykhem

[Peace to you *]

By Sholem Berenstein

[See lecture: Shabbat]

Oy sholem aleykhem malokhim mayne,Oh, peace to you, angels mine
Sholem aleykhem, malokhim fayne,Peace to you, angels fine.
Sholem aleykhem, vayb un kind,Peace to you, wife and child
Shabes koydesh iz atsind.It's the holy sabbath now.
Sholem aleykhem, gute fraynt,Peace to you, good friends,
Shabes koydesh iz dokh haynt.It's the holy sabbath tonight.
Sholem aleykhem, zeydes bobes,Peace to you, grandparents,
Sholem aleykhem, a gut shabes!Peace to all and a good sabbath!
A gantse vokh, vi nor a lokh,All week long, just like a beggar,
Loyft dos yidele um umetum,The poor Jew runs here and there,
Er loyft, er yogt, dayges trogt,He runs, he chases, bears his sorrows
Nor er vert gor keynmol nit mid,But never gets a bit tired.
Trinken un esn hot er fargesnHe's forgotten to drink or eat,
Er tsiet fun zikh aroys di kley.He draws the very marrow from himself
Shabes freylekh vert er a meylekhOn joyful sabbath he becomes a king
Un knakt dem sholem aleichemAnd warbles "Shalom Aleichem"
Vi a solovey.Like a nightingale.
Oy sholem aleykhem malokhim mayne ...Oh, peace to you, angels mine ...

Translation copied from Arkady Gendler's disk "My Hometown Soroke"