Der shnayder-gezeln Note Manger zingt fun der goldener pave

[Tailor-apprentice Note Manger sings about the golden peacock]

by Itsik Manger

See Lecture: The Golden Peacock

 Der bleykher shnayder-gezeln

 The pale tailor-apprentice

 zingt bay der zinger-mashin

 sings at the Singer machine

 dos lid fun der goldener pave,

 the song of the golden peacock

 vos iz gefloygn keyn vin ...

 which flew to Vienna ...



 In vin voynt der keyzer Frants Yozef

 In Vienna lived Emperor Franz Joseph

 mit di vayse bakn-berd,

 with the white whiskers.

 farmogt er in zayne shtaln

 He owned in his stalls

 di same flinkste ferd.

 the fastest horses ever.



 Neyn, nisht keyn ferd, nor odlers,

 No, not horses, but eagles,

 vos flien azoy geshvindt,

 which fly so fast

 az zey yogn ariber dem volkn,

 that they chase the clouds,

 az zey yogn ariber dem vint ...

 they chase the wind ...



 Zingt di goldene pave:

 The peacock sings:

 "Eyns un eyns iz tsvey,

 "One and one is two,

 in zkhus fun di shnayder-gezeln

 because of the tailor-apprentice

 fli ikh shneler fun zey ...

 I can fly quicker than them ...



 "Ot a shteyger, adoni keyzer,

 "If you please, my lord Emperor,

 gey ikh mit dir a gevet,

 I'd like to bet you

 az shneler fun dayne odlers

 that faster than your eagles

 vel ikh kumen keyn stoptshet."

 I will get to Stopchet."



 Zogt der keyzer: "Nu meyle!"

 The emperor says, "OK",

 Un shpant aleyn di ferd,

 And puts the reins on his horses,

 a knak mitn zilbernem baytshl -

 A crack with the silver whip

 un s'nemt zikh dreyen di erd.

 and he sets out to go around the world.



 Shtet un derfer un velder

 Cities and villages and fields

 un ot iz dos beymishe land,

 and here is the forested land,

 velder un taykhn un brikn

 fields and rivers and bridges

 un ot - der galitsisher kant.

 and here is the border of Galitsia.



 Un ot iz kroke mit lemberg,

 And here is Krakow and Lemberg,

 un ot iz kolomey -

 and here is Kolomey -

 der keyzer knakt mitn baytshl:

 the king cracks his whip:

 "Heshto, vyo un hey!"

 "Gee - up!"



 Dort, tsvishn di berg, ligt kosev,

 There, between the mountains, is Kosev,

 un untn in tol - ligt stoptshet.

 and in the valley - lies Stopchet.

 Der keyzer reybt zikh di oygn

 The emperor rubs his eyes

 un gloybt nisht vos er zet,

 and doesn't believe what he sees.



 Di goldene pave, di briye,

 The golden peacock, that creature,

 shteyt oyfn shnayders dakh

 stands on the tailors' roof

 un zibn shnayder-gezeln

 and seven tailor-apprentices

 shteyen far ir "haptakh".

 stand up and congratulate her.



 Zogt der keyzer: "Nu meyle,

 The emperor says, "Oh well,

 ekh hob di vet farshpilt."

 I've played my part of the bet."

 Er tapt zikh dem shtern, dem doyfek,

 He taps his forehead, his pulse,

 tsi er iz kholile nisht farkilt.

 to see if he hasn't caught a cold.



 Un er nemt aroys funem buzim

 And he takes out of his

 a tselemel fun gold:

 a crucifix of gold:

 "Na un nem, du farsheyte

 "Take this, you heathen,

 un veys, az kh'hob batsolt."

 and know that I have paid you."



 Tsitert un flatert di pave,

 The peacock trembled,

 nisht dos hot zi gevolt,

 it wasn't this that she wanted,

 zi hot nisht hold keyn tselem,

 she didn't like any cruficifix

 afile fun reynstn gold.

 even if it were of the purest gold.



 Zogt zi: "Adoni keyzer,

 She said: "O lord Emperor,

 du gib mir a patent

 give me something special

 un shrayb es teykhef unter

 and sign

 mit dayne eygene hent,

 with your own hand,



 "Az ikh, di goldene pave,

 "That I, the golden peacock,

 meg flien ibern land,

 may fly over the land,

 un trogn di libe-groysn

 and carry great loves

 fray fun kant tsu kant."

 free, from border to border."



 Zogt der keyzer: "Nu meyle",

 The emperor said: "OK"

 un derlangt ir a papir,

 and handed her the paper,

 "Un ven du vest darfn a toyve,

 "And if you ever need a favour,

 zolstu zikh vendn tsu mir."

 come to me."



 Un der keyzer knakt mitn baytshl:

 And the king cracked his whip:

 "Heshto, vyo un hey",

 "Gee up!"

 un dem keyers bakn-bardn

 And the king's whiskers

 flatern in vint vi shney.

 fluttered in the wind like snow.







Der bleykher shnayder-gezeln

 The pale tailor-apprentice

zingt bay der zinger-mashin

 sings at the Singer machine

un freyt zikh mitn nitshkhn

 and rejoices at the victory

fun der goldener pave in vin ...

 of the golden peacock in Vienna ...