Shabes beyn hashmoshes

Text: Y. Adler; Music: J. Engel

Er geyt shoyn avek zikh   It's already going away,
der heyliker shabes;   the holy Sabbath;
In shtibl vert fintster,   It's getting dark in the room,
in shtibl vert shtil.   and still in the house.
Es sheptshet di mame:   Mother whispers:
- Oy, Got fun Avrom!   - Oh, God of Abraham!
Zi sheptshet di tfile   She whispers the prayer
mit harts un gefil.   with her heart and feeling.
- Oy, got fun Avrom,   - Oh, God of Abraham,
fun Itskhok un Yankev,   Isaac and Jacob,
Farnem dokh mayn tfile   Take my prayer
in himls geselt!   into Heaven's tabernacle!
Un shik mir parnose,   And send me sustenance, 
un rikht oyf mayn mazl,   and good luck, 
un likhtik zol vern   and brighten 
mayn fintstere velt!   my dark world!