Nokhemke mayn zun

[Nokhemke, my son *]

[See lecture: Mothers and Fathers]

- Nokhemke, mayn zun (x3)- Nokhemke, my son (x3) 
Vos bistu azoy troyerik, Nokhemke mayn zun? Why are you so sad?
- Kh'hob lib a sheyn meydele, tatenyu. - I love a pretty girl.
- Un ver-zhe iz dos meydele, zunenyu? - And who is this girl, my son?
- S'iz a fayn meydele, tatenyu. - She's a fine girl, father.
- Un vifl git zi nadn, zunenyu? - And how big is her dowry, my son?
- keyn nadn git zi nit, tatenyu. - She has no dowry, father.
- Es gefelt mir nit der shidekh, zunenyu! - I don't like this match, my son!
- Me fregt bay dir keyn deyes nit, tatenyu. - No one asked your opinion, father.
- Ikh vel nit kumen oyf dayn khasene, zunenyu! - I won't come to your wedding, my son!
- Vest kumen tsum bris, tatenyu. - You'll come to the circumcision, father.
- Ven-zhe iz di khasene, zunenyu? - When is the wedding, my son?
- Ikh vel shikn nokh dir dos eynil, tatenyu. - I'll send your grandson to tell you, father.

This is a parody of the song Meyerke, mayn zun, also included in the lecture Mothers and Fathers.

[Copied from Pearls of Yiddish Song]