Mit farmakhte oygn

[With closed eyes] 

From: Di reyd funem shnayder-gezeln Note Manger tsum poet
[Tailor-Apprentice Note Manger's Speech to the Poet]

Text by Itsik Manger (1948)
Melody by Nurit Hirsh

[Thanks to Ruth Levin for help in translating this song]

[See lecture: The Golden Peacock]

Mit farmakhte oygn   With closed eyes
herstu nenter dem yam,   the sea sounds closer,
Mit fiberndike finger   With feverish fingers
filstu gringer dem gram.   you feel the rhyme more easily.
Di goldene pave   The golden peacock
derkenstu in fli,   you recognize in flight,
Un a benkshaft vert shener   And yearning is lovelier
ven zi iz fun nisht-hi.   when it is from somewhere else.
Di midkeyt vert mider   Weariness becomes more weary
bay der shvel fun a hoyz,   at the threshold of a house,
Ven du knist filstu sharfer   When you kneel you feel more sharply
az got iz groys.   that God is great.
Got kivyokhl iz groys   God the Invisible is great,
haynt punkt vi a mol,   today just as before,
Nisht vayl er dunert in himl   Not because He thunders in heaven
nor vayl er khlipet in tol.   but because He sobs in the valley.
Az voyl iz tsu dem   Happy is the person
vos hot dos khlipen derhert,   who has heard the sobbing,
Dir iz aza herung   You were fated
gevezn bashert.   to have such hearing.
Un a trer iz gefaln   And a tear has fallen
in dayn gemit.   upon your spirit,
Un mit vund un mit vunder   And with wound and with wonder
zikh tseblit in dayn lid.   it has flourished in your song.