A. Reisin - Lyrics; M. Gelbart - Music

See Lecture: "Ashkenazi Food"

- Oy, mame, khvil a bisl milkh,  - Oh, mama, I want a little milk
Es truknt mir mayn gumen.  My mouth is dry.
- Mayn kind, a beyzer pastekh  - My child, a bad shepherd
hot di ale ki farnumen.   has taken all the cows away.
- Oy, gib mir, mame, broyt a bis,  - Oh, give me, mama, bread, a bite
Dem hunger mir tsu shtiln.  My hunger to still.
- Nishto, mayn kind. A vaser  - There is none, my child. A water
hot farzunken ale miln.  has drowned all the mills.

A vaser vild, a vaser royt,

  A water wild, a water red,
hot zey arop getrogn,  has carried them away,
Un ale milner zaynen itst  And all the millers are now away
avek in feld zikh shlogn.  Fighting on the battlefields.
- To vuzhe iz der tate itst,  - So where is father now?
er zol undz esn krign?  He should find us something to eat.
- Der tate iz avek mit zey  - Daddy is away with them
a soyne tsu bazign.  to defeat the enemy.

Source: "Vessel of Song: The Music of Mikhl Gelbart" - CD, performed by The Lori Cahan-Simon Ensemble