Mansevo Dobro

[The honest young man]

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Ladino version:  Ladino version:
Syen drahmes el dia tomo,  I earn one hundred drachmas a day,
Ya te puedo mantener.  I can look after you.
De tu madre no la komo,  I don't want to hear from your mother,
Ah Aman, Aman, ah!  Ah, aman, aman, ah!
Ke me kyero detener.  That I cannot support us.
Greek version:  Greek version:
   I earn one hundred drachmas a day,
   My jewel,
   Tell your mother that I want you,
   Ah, aman, aman, ah!
   To make you my wife.
Ladino version:  Ladino version:
Fuyiremos dela pena,   Let's escape from our troubles,
Porke yo ya se ganar.  I know how to make money,
Vamos a la Palestina,   Let's go to Palestine,
Ah, aman, aman, ah!  Ah, aman, aman, ah!
Para no mos rovinar.  So that we won't suffer too much.
Greek version:   Greek version:
   You'll fry fish for me,
   With beets and garlic sauce.
   We'll party every night
   Ah, aman, aman, ah!
   With dulcimers and violins.
Ladino version:   Ladino version:
Va koryendo ande mama,   Go, run to your mother,
Azele la propozisyón.  Let her know of my proposal.
Kyero solo una kama,   Just one bed is enough,
Ah, aman, aman, ah!
  Ah, aman, aman, ah!
Ke es la konsolasión!   This is my solace!


Source:  "Yahudice" - Disk by Hadass Pal-Yarden.