La rosa enflorese

[The rose blooms]

Also know as: Los bilbilicos [The nightingales]

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[See words and translation of the piyut Tsur mishelo achalnu]

La rosa enflorese

The rose blooms

En el mes de mai

In the month of May,

Mi alma s'escurese

My soul darkens,

Sufriendo del amor.

Suffering from love.



El bilbiliko canta,

The nightingale sings,

Suspira del amor,

It sighs with love,

Y la pasion me mata,

Passion kills me,

Muchigua mi dolor.

It increases my pain.



Los bilbilikos cantan

The nightingales sing

En los arvoles de la flor

In the flowering trees

Debaxo se asentan

Beneath them sit

Los que sufren del amor.

Those who suffer from love.



Mas presto ven, palomba,

Come more quickly, dove,

Mas presto ven con mi,

Come faster with me,

Mas presto ven, querida,

Come more quickly, my dear,

Corre y salvame.

Run and save me.