La cantiga del fuego

El incendio de Saloniki

[Song of the Fire]

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Dia de sabat, la tadre,On the day of Shabbat, in the afternoon,

la horica dando dos,

when the clock struck two,

fuego salio al Agua Mueva,

a fire broke out at New Water,

a la Torre Blanca quedo.

and spread to the White Tower.



Tando probes como ricos,

Poor and rich alike,

todos semos un igual.

we were all equal.

Ya quedimos arrastrando

We remained in misery,

por campos y por kislas.

in the fields and barracks.



Mos dieron unos tsadires,

They gave us some tents

que del aire se volan.

which blow away in the wind,

Mos dieron un pan amargo,

We were given some bitter bread

ni con agua no se va.

which wouldn't even go down with water.



Las palombas van volando

The pigeons flew here and there

hacienda estruicion.

spreading destruction.

Ya quedimos arrastrando

We remained in misery,

sin tener abrigacion.

without any shelter.



Entendiendo, mancevicos:

Understand, young people:

lost pecados de sabat

the sins on Shabbat

se ensano el patron del mundo,

incensed the Lord of the world,

mos mando a Dudular. 

Who sent us to Dudular.



Dio del cielo, dio del cielo,

God of the heavens, heavenly God,

no topates que hacer.

What more will You do to us?

Mos dejates arrastrando,

You have left us destitute

ni camisa para meter.

without any clothes to wear.

Source:  Booklet accompanying the disk of Savina Yannatou "Spring in Salonika"; notes by Kostas Vomvolos, May 1944.