Ikh shtey unter a bokserboym

 [I stand beneath a carob tree]

Lyrics: Ziame Telesin (1908-1996); Music: Chava Alberstein

See lecture: "Tree of Life" / "עץ החיים"


Ikh shtey unter a bokserboym,I stand beneath a carob tree,
a bokserboym,a carob tree,
Tsu im derklibn kh'hob zikh koym,I got there, but not easily,
ikh hob zikh koym.not easily.
Ikh zits unter a faygnboym,I sit beneath a fig tree,
a faygnboym,a fig tree,
Arum iz grin, arum iz groym,And all around is green and free,
s'iz grin un groym.is green and free.
Ikh lig unter a mandlboym,I lie beneath an almond tree,
a mandlboym,an almond tree,
Er iz geven bay mir in troym,It appeared in a dream to me,
bay mir in troym.a dream to me.
A bokserboym,A carob tree,
A faygnboym,A fig tree,
A mandlboym,An almond tree -
In oyg a trer halt eyn zikh koym,I stop my tears, not easily,
halt eyn zikh koym.not easily.