Hot a yid a vaybele

[A Jew had a little wife]

See Lecture: "Ashkenazi Food"

Hot a yid a vaybele, hot a yid a vaybele,A Jew has a little wife,
Hot a yid a vayb, a vayb, a vaybele.A Jew has a little wife.
Fun montik in der fri biz fraytik in farnakhtFrom Monday morning to Friday eve
Hot Sorele zayn vayb dem kugl gemakht.His wife Sorele made the pudding.
Vi es iz gekumen shabes tsum esnWhen it was time for the Shabbat meal
Hot zi dem kugl in oyvn fargesn.She forgot the kugl in the oven.
Hot er genumen dem grobn shteknHe took the thick stick
Un hot ongehoybn dos vaybl tsu dekn.And began to beat his wife.
Hot zi genumen di alte shkrabesSo she grabbed her old rags
Un iz antlofn tsum tatn oyf shabes.And ran away to her father for Shabbat.
Hot er genumen di shkheynim spekulirnHe urged his neighbours to figure out
Me zol zayn vaybl brengen tsu firn.How to bring his wife back. 
Hot men shoyn dos vaybl gebrakhtThey brought her back to him
Fun montik in der fri biz fraytik in farnakht.From Monday morning to Friday eve.
Refren: Hot a yid a vaybele ...Refrain: A Jew has a wife ...