[Autumn Song]

Poem, translation and melody by Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman

See Lecture: "The Seasons"

For information about Schaechter-Gottesman, see the webpage by Jane Peppler entitled "Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman: poet, composer, living legend"

Ze, s'iz harbst -- See, it's fall --
Un vos gegrint fargelt, farvyanet. And all that greened has yellowed, withered.
Ze, s'iz harbst -- See, it's fall --
Un vos geblit fargeyt ... And all that bloomed is gone ...
Un ikh, vos kh'hob gemeyn s'iz shtendik friling And I who thought that spring would last forever,
Un kh'halt in hant And in my hand I hold
Di gantse eybikeyt. Eternity.
   Oho, falndike bleter!    Oho, falling leaves!
   Oho, fliyendike teg!    Oho, flying days!
   Oho, vi vel ikh itster blondzhen,    Oho, how will I wander now,
   Ven s'ligt gedikhter nepl af mayn veg..    When thick fog settles on my way ...
Kraken feygl, Sadly cawing birds
Zogn troyerik: "Zay gezunt dir!" Say: "Good-bye!"
Krekhtst in fentster At the window
Un se klogt der vint: The moaning, wailing wind:
"O, vi volt ikh itst avek fun danen "I wish that I could get away from here
Tsun a breg To a shore
Vu nokh der friling grint ..." Where there is still green spring ..."
   Oho, falndike ...    Oho, falling ...
Flit der regn -- Driving rain
A galop af vildn ferdl. Gallops on a wild horse,
Roymt mir ayn a sod: er hot mikh holt. Whispers secret love into my ear:
"Tsu vos zhe darfstu vartn afn friling, "Why do you need to wait for springtime

Az s'hot der osyen fule koyshns gold."

When autumn offers baskets full of gold?
   Oho, falndike ...    Oho, falling ...

Source: Schaechter-Gottesman, Beyle, Zumerteg: Tsvantsik zinglider. Yiddish League, 1990