By Itzik Manger

(Translation: Miriam Breitman)

[See lecture: "The Seasons"]


      Shmerl mitn fidl,      Shmerl with his fiddle,
      Berl mitn bas,      Berl with his bass,
      S'vern fun dem lidl      My eyes become all teary
      Mayne oygn nas.      When I hear their melody.
Harbstik-royte blete faln,Autumn coloured leaves are falling
Un der kenig iz aleyn;And the king is all alone,
S'zingt der vint zayn alt geveyn:The wind winds up his old lament:
"S'iz farfaln, s'iz farfaln.""All is lost. All is lost."
Zunfargang in ale fentsterIn my distant ailing home
Fun mayn vayter kranker heym;The sun in every window sets,
Rayst di benkshaft, rayst dos kishn,The longing tears my heart, wets my pillow
In a shtibele fun leym.In a house of clay.
Betlers zingen in di hoyfn,Beggars are singing in the yards,
Kinder veynen oyfn dil.Children sit crying on the floor,
Un der ovnt loyzt di shternWhile the evening brings the stars
Bay an alter vasser mil.Over an ancient waterfall.


Source:  Leichter, S. Anthology of Yiddish Songs. Vol.7, The Itzik Manger Volume. Jerusalem, The Hebrew University, 2004