Es, mayn kind!

[Eat, my child!]

Traditional ditty sung by mothers feeding children

See Lecture: "Ashkenazi Food"

Amol iz geven a mayse, Once there was a story,
Yankele kayser / A tsigele a vayse Yankele the king / A white kid
Epele ber, Apple, bear,
Gildene sher, Golden scissors,
Der sher hot geshorn kleyder The scissors cut dresses
Der khosn hot geheysn Leyzer, The groom was called Leyzer
Di kale hot geheysn Rokhele, The bride was called Rochele
Un [Name of child] hot a groyse lokhele!

 And [Name of child] had a big hole!

Source: Leo Kanowits, Mendele - Yiddish Literature and Language, Vol.7.076