Dos bisele shpayz

[This morsel of food]

Meir Harats - lyrics; Efim Chorny - music

See Lecture: "Ashkenazi Food"

Dos shisele borsht mit kroyt,   This little bowl of cabbage borsht,
Dos shtikele hering mit broyt,   This little piece of herring and bread,
Dos telerel retekh mit zalts,   This little plate of radishes with salt,
Dos tepele kashe mit shmalts.   This little pot of kasha [buckwheat] with fat.
Dos telerl loksh mit yoykh,   This little plate of noodles with chicken soup,
Un tsimes dos bisele oykh -   And this little bit of sweet carrot stew -
Dem dozikn kurtsn menyu   Just this short menu,
Basher undz Gotenyu.   Grant us, God.
Basher undz tsuker tsu tey   Give us sugar for our tea,
Un latkes mit an ey,   And latkes [pancakes] with an egg,
Un tsu di sheyne fish   And for the lovely fish
Basher undz a gast tsum tish.   Send us a guest to our table.

Source:  Efim Chorny Songbook