Di mame kokht varenikes

[Mother's cooking (cheese-filled) pastries]

See Lectures: "Ashkenazi Food"

Di mame kokht varenikes   Mother's cooking varenikes
Un ikh bin gor fleyshik,   But I have just eaten meat.
Derze ikh a sheyn meydele,   I see a pretty young girl,
Krig ikh tsu ir kheyshek.   And wish to be with her.
Mir gefelt dos meydele,   I like the girl,
Mayn mame in der mit;   But my mother's interfering;
Ikh hob lib dos meydele,   I love the girl,
Mayn mame vil dokh nit.   But my mother doesn't.
Sheyn iz dos meydele   The girl is as beautiful
Vi di gantse velt,   as the whole world.
Nor a khisorn hot zi dokh:   She just has one disadvantage:
Zi hot gor nit keyn gelt ...   She doesn't have any money.
Gelt iz dokh kaylekhik,   Money is round,
Es kayklt zikh avek;   It rolls away;
Nem ikh mir mayn meydele   I'm taking my girl
Un for mit ir avek.   And going away with her.
Ikh for mit ir avek   I'm going away with her
In der shtot Adess,   to the city of Odessa,
Ikh shtel mit ir a khupe   I'm going to stand under the khupah
In eyn mes-les.   with her very soon [24 hours].

Source: Vinkovetzky, A., Kovner, A. & Leichter, S. (1989). Anthology of Yiddish Folksongs, Vol.1, p.38