Alef - Indikes

[A is for Turkeys]

See Lectures: "Ashkenazi Food" / "Singing with a Smile"

Alef - indikes est der nogid, Alef, A is for turkeys the rich man eats;
Beyz - beyndelekh grizhet der oreman. Beyz, B is for bones the poor man gnaws.
Giml - gendzelekh est der nogid, Giml, G is for geese the rich man eats,
Daled - dem dales hot der oreman. Daled, D is for poverty the poor man has.
Hey - hindelekh gepreglte est der nogid, Hey, H is for fried chicken the rich man eats,
Vov - veytikn hot der oreman. Vov, V are the aches the poor man has.
Zayen - zeml mit puter est der nogid, Zayen, Z is for the rolls and butter the rich man eats,
Khes - khalasn hot der oreman. Khes is for sickness the poor man has.
Tes - taybelekh gebrotene est der nogid, Tes, T is for the roast pigeons the rich man eats,
Yud - yesurim hot der oreman. Yud, Y is for the suffering the poor man has.
Kof - kaloshn trogt der nogid, Kof, K is for the galoshes the rich man wears,
Lamed - laptshes trogt der oreman. Lamed, L is for the straw shoes the poor man wears.
Mem - mashke trinkt der nogid, Mem, M is for the whiskey the rich man drinks,
Nun - nikhter iz der oreman. Nun, N is for sober that the poor man is.
Samekh - sametene kleyder trogt der nogid, Samekh, S is for the velvet clothes the rich man wears,
Ayen - opgerisn geyt der oreman. Ayen is for ragged the poor man is.
Pey - pupkes gebrotene est der nogid, Pey, P is for the gizzards the rich man eats,
Tsadik - tsores hot der oreman. Tsadik is for the troubles the poor man has.
Kuf - kotletn gepreglte est der nogid, Kuf is for fried chops the rich man eats,
Reysh - retekh grizhet der oreman. Reysh, R is for the radishes the poor man gnaws.
Shin - Shereshevskis* papirosn rekhert der nogid, Shin is for Shereshevsky's cigarettes the rich man smokes,
Tof - tutin pipket der oreman. Tof is for tutin, the weeds the poor man puffs.

* A factory in Grodno, Poland

Source: Mlotek, Eleanor & Joseph. Songs of Generations: New Pearls of Yiddish Song. P.67