Adio Rashel Levi

 [Goodbye, Rachel Levi *]

[See lecture: Mothers and Fathers]

- Adio Rashel Levi, Rashel
qu'es a l'Afrika ke me vo ir,
me vo ir a l'Afrika
qu'es buena la sivdad.
- Goodbye Rachel Levi, Rachel,
Because it's to Africa that I'm going,
I'm going to Africa,
It's a nice place.
Me vo ir a l'Afrika
para no tornar mas.
A l'Afrika me vo a ir,
me vo sentar y te vo 'scrivir.
I'm going to Africa,
Never to return.
To Africa I'm going,
I'm going to sit down and write to you.
Te vo scrivir una letra
la letra d'amistad,
di me si 'stas preñada,
m'embiyas avizar.
I'm going to write you a letter,
A letter of friendship.
Tell me if you're pregnant,
Send me word.
- Preñada 'sto mi querido,
echada en la cama 'sto,
m'abandono la mi mama
de mi chica criatura.
- I am pregnant, my love,
I'm lying down in bed,
Abandoned by my mother,
While still young.
Por yirme, por yirme,
por yirme detras de ti.  
- Munchas vezes tu quijites,
munchas vezes tu vinites.
Because I went, I went,
I went after you.
- You wanted this many times,
You came many times.
Kalia ke no vinieras
la noche que te llami,
me paresites onesta
ma no sos para mi.
You shouldn't have come
The night that I called you,
I think you are honest (naïve),
But you are not for me.


Source: Avner Perez - Kalendario de Kantigas