Adio querida

[Goodbye, my beloved]

[See lecture: Jewish Folklore?] 

Tu madre cuando te pario

When your mother gave birth to you

Y te quito al mundo,

And brought you into the world,

Corason ella no te dio

She gave you no heart

Para amar segundo.

To love another.



          Adio, adio querida,

          Goodbye, farewell beloved,

          No quero la vida,

          I do not want this life -

          Me l'amargates tu.

          You have embittered it for me.



Va, buxcat' otro amor,

Go, look for another love,

Aharva otras puertas,

Go, knock on other doors,

Aspera otro ardor,

Hope for some other passion,

Que para mi sos muerta.

Because for me you are dead.