A Zuniker Shtral

[A Ray of the Sun]

by Mordechai Gebirtig

(Translated by Hadassah Haskale with Sinai Leichter)

See Lecture: The Seasons

A zuniker shtral iz aroyf oyf mayn bet,A ray of the sun has appeared on my bed,
Fun libinken friling der ershter shtafet,Of loveliest springrime the first augury,
Un tsertlekh genumen mikh vekn,And gently to wake me is beckoning:
"Shtey oyf, mentsh, es togt shoyn,"Get up man, it's day now,
Der hon hot gekrayt!"the cock has cried out!"
Der friling, der melekh fun libe un freyd,And springtime, the king of the heart and delight
Er kumt on fun ale fir ekn ...Has lit on all things roundabout.
"Shtey oyf, mentsh! Es togt shoyn!""Get up man, it's day now!"
Der shtral tsu mir redt -The ray says to me -
Un varem - mit libe mikh tsertlt un glet:With touches so tender and light whispering:
"Aroys gey, farshpreyt di yedie -"Get going and spread the tidings -
S'vet bald un gikh kumen oyf vald un feld,Deliverence is coming to woods and fields,
Oyf ale min feygl, oyf mentsh un oyf velt,For all of the birds, for mankind and the world,
Di lang shoyn dervarte yeshue."The long sought salvation is nigh."
"Shtey oy, mentsh! Es togt shoyn!""Get up man, it's day now!"
Der shtral tsu mir redt,The ray says to me,
Ot shpant shoyn mit freyd, mit a shtraln-buket,With touches so tender and light whispering
Der friling, der onzog fun fridn,Of springtime, the season of peace,
Bald vet fun zayn blik zikh tseblien dos feldSoon releasing on fields bright flowers unfurled
Un likhtik un fray vet bald vern di velt -And sunny and free will soon
Far ale! Un oykh far aykh, yidn." 

Source: Leichter, Sinai. Anthology of Yiddish Folksongs. Vol.5: The Mordechai Gebirtig Volume. Jerusalem, Hebrew University, 2000