Unter a kleyn beymele

[Beneath a little tree]

By Tsvi Hirsch Margulies

See: "Tree of Life"


     Unter a grin beymele     Beneath a little tree
     Zitsn yinglekh tsvey,       Sit two little boys,
     Zey redn fun a meydele,     They're talking about a young girl
     Keyn zakh kimert zey.     And don't care about a thing.
Dertzelt eyner di nisimlekhOne tells about the wonderful things
Vos er hot gehat,That have happened to him,
Khapt der anderer aroysThe other interrupts and
Dertzelt es akurat.                  Under ... And tells the same thing.          Beneath ...
Er flegt, zogt er, gantze teg He said that he'd go the whole day long
Umgeyn umgegesn;                            Without eating;                                  
Dortn, vu zi hot gevoynt, There, where she lived,
Shoen opgezesn.                     Unter ... Sitting for hours.                         Beneath ...
 Shturem-vintn, regn, shney, Winds, storms, rain snow,
 Keyn zakh nit geshrokn, Nothing would frighten him,
 Un did mame inderheym And Mother at home,
 Gevart hot mit a flokn.           Unter ... Waiting with a rolling pin.          Beneath ...
 Un der tate tsudertsu And Father, too,
 Mit dem pas dem groysn With a big strap
Oysgeklapt di beyndelekh, Thrashed his bones
Aroysgeyot in droysn.            Unter ... And chased him outside.             Beneath ...