Hirsh Dovid

 Text - Moishe Broderson; Music - David Beigelman

See Lecture: "Ashkenazi Food"

- A gut-morgn dir, Hirsh-Dovid! - Good morning, Hirsh-Dovid!
- A gut-morgn, Borekh! - Good morning, Baruch!
Kh'hob gehert, du host mit mazl I heard that you sold out
Oysfarkoyft dem tsvorekh. your pot cheese.
- Nisht dem tsvorekh, nor dos milkhiks - Not only the pot cheese
Oysfarkoyft in gantsn, but all the dairy food!
Abi dos gelt iz do in baytl, As long as the money is in the purse
Vilt zikh take tantsn. I'd like to dance.
- O, Hirsh-Dovid, vos makht dayn vaybl, - Oh, Hirsh-Dovid, how's your wife?
Kh'meyn dayn Sore-Khaye? I mean Sara Chaya?
- Ot di kobile zi shert zikh - The old bag has bobbed her hair
Loyt di modes naye. in the latest style.
Oysgeton fun zikh dos shaytl, She's taken off her wig
Yidishkeyt in gantsn, and dropped all her Jewish ways.
Iber koymens, iber dekher, Over the chimenys, over the roofs,
Geyen sheydim tantsn. the demons are going dancing.
- Kh'hob a moyd, a kosher kelbl, - I have a daughter, a "kosher calf",
Du a zun, Efroyim, You've a son, Ephraim,
M'vet zey makhn a gevelbl, Let's buy a little store for them,
Lomir shraybn tnoyim. Let's betroth them.
- Kha-kha-kha, tsvey meyes zilber - Ha, ha, ha, 200 silver coins
Gib ikh zey in gantsn, is what I'll give them,
Iber felder, iber velder, Through the fields, through the woods
Veln yidn tantsn. the Jews will go dancing!

Source: Songs of Generations, by Eleanor and Joseph Mlotek. New York, Workmen's Circle, p.108