Di mame hot geheysn

[Mother said ...]

See Lecture: "Tree of Life"

(This song is sung in conjunction with "El Ginat Egoz")

Di mame hot geheysn Mother said
Niselekh onraysn. to pick nuts.
Oy, vi hoykh zenen di niselekh, Oh, how high the nuts are,
Oy, vi vayt zenen di tsveygelekh, Oh, how far the branches are,
Mir kenen nisht dergraykhn. I can't reach them.

"El Ginat Egoz" (Song of Songs, 6,11-12)

(6,11) El ginat egoz yaradti (6,11) I went down into the garden of nuts
Lir'ot be'ibei hanachal, to look at the green plants of the valley.
Lir'ot haparcha hagefen, to see whether the vine budded,
Henetsu harimonim. and the pomegranates were in flower.
(6,12) Lo yadati, nafshi samatni (6,12) Before I was aware, my soul set me
Markevot ami nadiv. upon the chariots of my princely people.