De Saloniki a Auschwitz

[Seven days locked up]

by David Haim

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Siete dias encerrados Seven days locked up
en vagones de behemás, in boxcars for animals,
una vez a los tres días once every three days
mos quitaban a airear. they would take us out for air.
Madre mía, mi querida, My dearest mother,
tú tuvites el zejut you were fortunate
de murirte en tus tierras in dying in your country
y no pasaets por el oluk. and not passing through the chimney.
Padre mío, mi querido, My dearest father,
quién te lo ia a dicir, who would have told you
que vinieras con tu hermano that you would come with your brother
al crematorio de the crematorium of Auschwitz!
Padre, madre, hermanos y hermanicas, Father and mother, brothers and sisters,
saliendo todos rejadjis may you all be supplicants
a el Patron del mundo to the Master of the world
que envíe salud a mí,to grant me health
que me quite de estos campos and remove me from these camps
para vos echar kadish. to recite for you the Kaddish!

Source:  Levy, Isaac Jack. (2000). And the World Stood Silent: Sephardic Poetry of the Holocaust, pp.96-7.