Adon Olam

[See lecture: Kings and Queens]

Here is the Hebrew text and an English transliteration and translation of the piyut "Adon Olam" [Master of the Universe].

As we can see in the websites "An Invitation to Piyut" and the "BHBI Adon Olam Songbook", there is an endless number of melodies to which the piyut has been set. Here are more than 30 videos, and by the time you see this page there'll probably be even more! Many of them feature the melody composed by Uzi Chitman for the 1976 Israeli Hasidic Festival. (Thanks to Helen Brawer for sending me this list, which has been making the rounds on email).

Uzi Chitman sings Adon Olam
Moscow Jewish Choir
Sheba Choir
Reggae version
London Jewish Choir
Cantorial quintet a capella
Six cantors during a service
Latino version with cantorial solo
French Sephardic version
Three tenors version
Semi-jazz version; semi-klezmer
Jerusalem Oratorio Chamber Chorale
Two rabbis and guitar
Yehuda Glantz - Latin American version
Dudu Fisher performing at Yad Va-shem
Gospel version
ap version with transliterated lyrics in English
Same version with Hebrew transliteration
Two cantors sing
Israeli soldiers sing Adon Olam
Holocaust concert in Budapest
High school choir sings doo-wap version
Touching performance in a nursing home

Techno version by ITP
Danny Bergson & Mitch Goodman - to the tune of "Sharm a Sheich"
Kabbala Band - accoustic version
Krakow Musical Festival - Jews and Poles in the Temple Synagogue, Krakow
"God Almighty When Will It End?" - Featuring Israeli rapper Subliminal and violinist Miri Ben Ari, this version of Adon Olam is dedicated to memory of the Holocaust by the Gedenk movement
Iraqui version, performed by Ensemble Baghdad-Jerusalem (Yair Dalal, Menachem David, et al)