A gut morgn, Feyge-Soshe

[Good morning, Feyge-Soshe]

See lecture: "Ashkenazi Food"

- A gut morgn, Feyge-Soshe,- Good morning, Feyge-Soshe,
Vos zitst ir azoy asobene?Why are you sitting there like that?
- A gut yor, aykh, Fayve-Yose,- Good year, Fayve-Yose,
Vayl s'iz mir udobene.Because I'm comfortable this way.
Efsher vilt ir, Fayve-Yose,Perhaps, Fayve-Yose,
Farzukhn fun mayn prodovolstvye?You'd like to try some of my wares?
A shabesdikn lokshn-kugl -A Sabbath noodle pudding?
- S'ara udovolstvye!- That would be a pleasure!
Shabes nokhn kuglOn the Sabbath, after the kugl,
Bin ikh di emese krasavitse,I'm a real beauty,
Oysgeputst un ongeton zikh,All dolled up.
Kak ya varn naravitsa?How do you like me?
- Efsher vilt ir, Feyge-Soshe,- Perhaps, Feyge-Soshe,
Mit semetshkes aykh ugozhayeven?You'd like some sunflower seeds?
- Vayl bay aykh, Fayve-Yose,- From you, Fayve-Yose,
Vel ikh prinimayeven.I'd like to try some.
- Efsher vilt ir, Feyge-Soshe,- Perhaps, Feyge-Soshe,
Geyn mit mir gulayeven?You'd like to go for a stroll with me?
- Vayl mit aykh, Fayve-Yose,- With you, Fayve-Yose, 
Vel ikh ispolnayeven.I'd like to do just that.

Source: Copied from Songs of Generations, by Eleanor and Joseph Mlotek, who write that this is a folksong published by Moishe Beregovski in 1962. Most of the rhyming words are in cultivated Russian.