Monarkhishe Idilie

Lyrics: Meir Harats  -  Music: Efim Chorny


S'hot a mol geven a melekh  Once upon a time there was a king
Mit a malke in der por,  Who had a queen
Er - shvere kroyn getrogn,  He wore a heavy crown,
Zi - getrogn fremde hor.  She wore a wig. 
Ya-ba-ba-bay ...  Ya-ba-ba-bay ...
Farn shlofn flegt der melekh  Before going to sleep
Oyston funem kop di kroyn,  The king took off his crown,
Oykh di malke ir parukl,  And the queen took off her wig,
Ven geven s'iz finster shoyn.  After it was dark.
Ya-ba-ba-bay ...  Ya-ba-ba-bay ...
Tapt di malke on dos kepl  The queen touched the king's (bald) head
Funem melekh un zi redt:  and said:
"Ver hot ot dos kalte tepl  "Who has put this cold pot
Tsugeshtelt tsum heysn bet?"  in the warm bed?" 
Ya-ba-ba-bay ...  Ya-ba-ba-bay ...
Khapt der melekh on di malke  The king grabbed the queen
Bay di letste hor fun kop,  by the last hair of her head,
Un er rayst ir oys dos tsepl  And tore out the braids 
Vos geven amol a tsop.  Which were once real hair. 
Ya-ba-ba-bay ...  Ya-ba-ba-bay ...
Ven s'hot on geklapt der diner,  When the servant knocked on the door
Iz gevorn shtil di por,  The pair quietened down,
Er hot ongeton di kroyn zikh,  He put on his crown,
Zi - di fremde lange hor.  She put on the wig.
Ya-ba-ba-bay ...  Ya-ba-ba-bay ...
Un aroysgegan in droysn  And they went outside 
Un gevizn farn folk,  And appeared before the people,
Az zey lebn vi di toybn,  As if they were a pair of doves,
Az zey lebn mit a tolk.  As if they led an orderly life.
Ya-ba-ba-bay ...  Ya-ba-ba-bay ...