Geven amol a yid mit a yidene

Words: Peretz Hirshbein (1880-1848); Music: Lazar Weiner (1897-1982)

See topic: "Shabbat"

Geven a mol a yid mit a yidene,Once upon a time lived a Jew and his wife 
Kabtsonimlekh groyse vi di velt;in great poverty; 
Hobn zey tekhterlekh tsvey gehat,They had two daughters
Nor on a groshn gelt.But not a penny. 
Oy, vu nemt men khotsh nadn,Oh, where can one get a dowry
Di tekhter khasene makhn?So that the daughters can marry?
Hert nor, hert, vos iz geshen -Just listen to what happened
A mayse gornit tsum lakhn. It's not a very happy tale.
Kumt oyf shabes an oyrekhl;Once a guest came for Sabbath,
Efnt men breyt di tir far im.The door was opned wide for him.
Un geven iz dos, ay, geven -And it was -  
Eyliyohu hanovi.Elijah the Prophet.
Greyt men im fun al dos guts,They prepared a delicious meal for him
Dos ort far im gelozn;and gave him a place; 
Nokh havdole shtil avek,After Havdalah, he left quietly,
A brokhe ibergelozn.Leaving them a blessing.
Emer milkh, taykhn vayn, rendlekh a yamPails of milk, rivers of wine, a sea of coins
Hot dos mazl zey gebrakht;Fortune showered upon them.
Iz gevorn karg far zey di velt,The world became too small for them.
Nit far keyn yidn gedakht.May this never happen to you.
Gekumen iz di groyse shtrofThey were punished severely
far dem khet dem harbn;for their sin;
Oysgerunen milkh un vayn,The milk and the wine ran dry,
Fun rendlekh nor a sharbn.Nothing remained of the coins.
Geven a mol a yid mit a yidene,Once there lived a Jew and his wife
Kabtsonimlekh groyse vi di velt,Beggars, very poor,
Hobn zey tekhterlekh tsvey gehat,They had two daughters 
Nor a groshn gelt ...But not a penny ...